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How is it that we are bringing the unlikely to the outdoors? The initiatives below represent our efforts to ensure that by 2036, our sporting way of life be enjoyed by twice as many participants enjoying it today.


We hope you will follow us, participate, and tell us how we may help you!  If you have an initiative or event welcoming the unlikely to the outdoors, please let us know.  We are here to help!


Do you know how we are
bringing the unlikely to the outdoors?

"When I think about CAK I think about the legacy of my momma and grandmomma’s hard work"

"When I work on films like DOGMEN: Presented by OnX Hunt or Get The Art I think about being a new catalyst and source of inspiration to unlikely folks to pursue the stories that truly move someone into fulfilling their life’s work"

"What I think about social media social media has given me the key to expressing the day today activities of an expressive lifestyle"

"Writing has given me a way to articulate the joys and colorful traditions of the outside"

"The TSLN newsletter keeps listeners and viewers up-to-date with new opportunities and experiences every month"

"When I guide wild bobwhite quail hunts, I think to give thanks to the Universe for a great opportunity to show even greater dogs, the end results of a discipline in motion"


"Speaking engagements/demos/ presentations…are my efforts to show and invite people to my insights and culmination of experiences as a dogman, a sportsman, a conservationist, and an educator"

"Fine art is my absolute core, truly the reason I am here.  I think in some way, I’m put on this place to manifest, and D.LAMAR is the physical end result of my own natural curiosities fueled by the tactile nature of mark making.  It’s my dialogue with the objects and space I’m in"

"The bi-annual journal is an extension of TSLN, a document to show others all of the many great things that have been going on with TSLN"

"GSL in events have given a platform for others to feel free to express themselves and share stories with others in the outside"

"Podcasts have given me a voice to tell the stories and uplift other voices that have been otherwise deemed unlikely and unheard"


Bringing the unlikely
to the outdoors


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