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For those of us who share a passion for bird dogs and upland hunt, a wingshooting trip to the pineywoods of the Red Hills and South Georgia is a pilgrimage tothe very place where our sport gained its prominence. 


Draped in history and tradition, on public land, Longleaf and Loblolly are all burned Into the breaks of our consciousness. If you were to stick a pin in a map to mark the 'hallowed Mecca' of The Sporting LIfe, it would certainly fall somewhere between middle and south Georgia

From Macon to Thomasville, Ga.


This region is the unequivocal foundation of the sport and the wisdom of African American dogmen in this part of the US is omnipresent

Just a few years ago, Durrell wrote an article for the Gun Dog Magazine, “Red Hills Reminiscences”  and your guided hunt trip

is composed of Durrell’s favorite covers and places he flushed coveys in plantation country while writing the Gun Dog Mag piece.


The dates selected for this trip were specifically chosen to fall within the months of November and January, which generally offers the most contacts of the year.

Additionally, we've accomodated a spectacular

2 nights stay at Hollywood Plantation


Durrell has specifically tailored this trip to provide superb bird dog work on the best public land areas in Georgia, 

While immersing guests in the rich history and splendid bird dog traditions of this lovely region.

The trip is structured so that guests

will stay and hunt from 1-2 different public land or private locations and we've built the itinerary in such a way to ensure that guests not only get to enjoy the Southeastern lifestyle but to also get a taste of classic quail and woodcock hunting from horseback, walking, or  from Hollywood Plantation’s vintage FJ-40.


On the hunt, guests will experience dog power in braces, with our most notable dogs paired to point and back each other in pursuit of wild birds, and stellar, Field Trial quality manners that offer our guests clean, safe, and strategic shots.  After the feathers fall, we send our retriever our to locate and bring back game.


It is our goal to not only display pristine bird dog work on wild birds, but also to educate our guests on the vibrant history and culture

of the Southern landscape.



Public Land, Foot Hunting 

- Lunch provided 


$ 1,250 (1 day)

$ 2,400 (2 days)

Luxury Guided Horseback Wild Quail Hunt at Hollywood Plantation

We are delighted to let you know Durrell Smith will soon be guiding at the conscientious sporting estate in Jeffersonville, Georgia offering a limited number of wild quail hunts.  Soon, you'll be able to learn much more about Hollywood Farms and all the hunts and sporting experiences it will offer.  

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