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I am looking forward to  getting to know you more.   When we meet face to face, I would enjoy very much learning  how you feel about so many aspects of our sporting life.  Somehow I know we won't be too far apart.

That is why I see this page as an invitation to start our conversation.  It's a privilege to share with you how I feel.


- Durell Smith


Our Mission

Our mission is to share with nontraditional markets the rich opportunities found in our sporting traditions while encouraging them to never let stereotypes dictate who they will become or what they will enjoy.


I decided from an early age

that my career would not be restricted by the established expectations of a society


It brings great joy to all of us at TSLN 

to hear that had it not been 

for our teams’ commitment to expose 

continuously the invaluable experiences

found in a sporting life, many unlikely players to our industry may have never lived the outdoor activities they are 

devotedly engaging in today.

How good does it feel that the new 

and unlikely participants enjoying the outdoors are bringing in fresh perspectives; perspectives ensuring our sporting traditions, wildlife, & habitat will be here tomorrow.


Do you know how we are bringing the unlikely

to the outdoors?




Unless we bring in more participants 

from new & unexplored markets

our sporting traditions, outdoor businesses, wildlife, or habitat

will continue to dramatically decrease.


Whatever you do, 

never allow deeply rooted stereotypes to dictate what you will become or enjoy!

Remember, our sporting community’s richness 

will always be directly linked

to the diversity found in its members, ideas, & opinions.


Remember, our sporting community will rapidly begin a shift from a 'thing-oriented' society to a 'person-oriented' society.

"And know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose"


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and see why we are inspired by each and every one of them.


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