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We are continuously creating films that will hopefully drive the curiosity of so many who have not had the opportunity to learn of our most invaluable way of life.


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Introducing the #BerettaTribe Story of Durrell Smith of The Sporting Life Notebook

Durrell Smith, a teacher who found solace in hunting and training dogs. Drawn in by the beauty of bird dogs and upland hunting, Durrell found inspiration in his mentors and has since dedicated himself fully to the pursuit.


DOGMEN: Presented by OnX Hunt

Explore the past, present, and future of African American dog handlers

on quail plantations in the Deep South through the eyes of an up-and-coming dog trainer

and advocate for inclusion in the outdoors.


Hard Day Riding

A Project Upland film

Presented by Eukanuba Sporting Dog & Gordy and Sons Outfitters

“Back in I believe 81′,

we were at a white trial 

and at that trial we couldn’t run with them. So we came up with idea 

of getting this trial started for ourselves.” - Neal Carter

Since the early 19th and 20th centuries, there has been a long line of African-American field trailers and bird dog trainers who have quietly passed down their oral legacy to their sons, grandsons, nephews, and novices keeping true to the tradition of Southern, plantation-style hunting and trialing in pursuit of wild bobwhite quail. 



Do you know our mision? 


Our mission is to share with nontraditional markets

the rich opportunities found in our sporting traditions while

encouraging them to never let stereotypes dictate who they will become or what they will enjoy.


Get The Art

A Project Upland Film

Presented by Eukanuba Sporting Dog, Aya Fine Guns, and Dakota 283 Kennels

The Host of The Gun Dog Notebook brings us on his personal journey into the culture and dog life of the Red Hills. "I have spent about 20 years studying fine art and art history; I am really drawn to tracing modes of expression as humanity and groups of people evolve. It’s about developing a comprehensive documentation of human evolution through expression. 

As such, music and the arts are weighted with an incredibly powerful presence in every culture, especially that of the Red Hills region—specifically Thomasville, Georgia. The music, song, and dance came from Atlanta, but the spirit came from way deep in the piney woods. And it is deep in those woods that I join the early morning choir. It’s often men’s day in the woods, and “The Deacon,” Bob White, is singing his solo to the daybreak hymn."


Do you know how we are bringing the unlikely

to the outdoors?


Quail Hunting with Kevin Gillespie and Durrell Smith

Danielle  meets up with our very own chef Kevin Gillespie in his hometown of Atlanta. With Durrell Smith of Gun Dog Notebook as their guide, they get to experience the rare flush of wild quail in Georgia, and learn how this native species is so deeply rooted into the culture of this state. After a proper old-fashioned, Danielle cooks alongside Kevin at his restaurant, Revival. They break bread with family and friends and enjoy southern cooking at it’s finest.


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