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Inspiring the Unlikely through
Outdoor Adventure


Discover the Georgia-based organization continuously engaging in a rich collection of sporting initiatives; all with the hopes of creating curiosity amongst the unexplored, nontraditional markets and welcoming them to the outdoors.


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What I am truly proud of 

is how all of us at

The Sporting Life Notebook 

work daily to share with the unlikely 

a way of life we all love so much.


It is with pleasure we keep you updated with our recent initiatives, travel, and additions to The Sporting Life Notebook team.  What we cherish most is how our travels and partnerships help us spread the word on our sporting way of life and welcomes many new enthusiasts. Don't forget to always check our communication channels to know where we will be next! 

We are delighted to have joined the Georgia Power family.  And as first order of business, we hunted wild quail in Elmodel WMA in South Georgia.

Knowledgeable men making fun of Durrell Smith at Kelly Plantation in Tallahassee Florida. It’s always fun to make fun of Durrell. Trust us.


What a great time was had by all as Durrell Smith conducted bird dog clinics at SEWE in Charleston, South Carolina.

It felt so good to be supporting Pheasants Forever in Omaha, Nebraska.  So much good has happened under their leader Howard Vincent.  If you are not supporting PF, please do so soon!


Do you know how we are bringing the unlikely

to the outdoors?

Thank you Benchmade for inviting us into your organization.  This is going to be a fun, long partnership where many stories will be lived to be shared for years!

The Thomasville, Center of the Arts hosted the premier of DOGMEN and Durrell Smith joined legendary figures on stage for an afternoon of fine story sharing.

Listen to some of our favorite



We are grateful to all our Podcast followers and listeners.  It is truly humbling for all of us at The Sporting Life Notebook to receive such great comments and praises from all across the US.  Durrell will continue engaging with the most inspiring people across the US and the world and share the many perspectives on so many topics in our valued sporting traditions. 

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“Podcasts allow me to dig in, reach deeper, 

and welcome the audience to the new realities 

of my guests who in turn, present gripping conversations 

that I hope move culture forward in some way.”



Do you know our vision? 


 That by 2036, our sporting life be enjoyed by twice as many participants enjoying it today.



What a privilege it has to team up with these industry leaders.  Their mission and work inspire us daily and it is a pleasure to ensure the markets know of all they are doing.  After all, we share a similar goal in mind;  to make certain more and more people enjoy our sporting traditions.

Click on any one of our valued and cherished partners

and see why we are inspired by each and every one of them.

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