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Durrell's Reading List

Welcome, viewers, to a curated collection of my favorite bird hunting and wingshooting books! As an avid enthusiast of the sport, I've handpicked these literary treasures to share with you. Each book in this assortment offers a unique perspective, valuable insights, and a wealth of knowledge that will deepen your understanding and appreciation for the art of bird hunting. From detailed guides on different species and their habitats to gripping tales of hunting adventures, these books encompass the rich heritage, techniques, and camaraderie of wingshooting. Join me on this literary journey, and let these pages transport you to the thrilling world of bird hunting, where every chase and shot holds a story waiting to be told. Enjoy exploring these exceptional books, and may they ignite your passion for the sport as they have for me. Happy reading and happy hunting! 📖🦆 

Each of these books I use in my own personal practice, or have found that they represent a very unique and special place in my Sporting Life.

Bird Dog Training Favorites


"Snakefoot" is an insightful and captivating book written by renowned bird dog trainer Robert Wehle. With his expertise and deep understanding of working dogs, Wehle shares invaluable knowledge and techniques for training bird dogs in this comprehensive guide. Whether you're a seasoned trainer or a novice enthusiast, "Snakefoot" offers a wealth of practical advice and compelling anecdotes that will enhance your understanding and appreciation of the art of bird dog training.


"Wing & Shot" is a seminal work by celebrated bird dog trainer Robert Wehle. In this book, Wehle expertly delves into the art of training versatile hunting dogs, covering both pointing and retrieving breeds. With a wealth of knowledge and personal anecdotes, Wehle provides invaluable insights, techniques, and training methods that have stood the test of time, making "Wing & Shot" an indispensable resource for any aspiring or experienced bird dog trainer.


"Training Pointing Dogs" is a comprehensive and authoritative guide authored by esteemed bird dog trainer Ronnie Smith. With years of experience and expertise, Smith imparts invaluable wisdom and practical advice on training pointing dogs to become skilled and obedient hunting companions. This book serves as a trusted resource, offering step-by-step instructions, insightful tips, and real-life examples, making it an essential read for both novice and experienced bird dog trainers alike.


"Best Way to Train Your Gun Dog" is a timeless classic written by legendary bird dog trainer Delmar Smith. Drawing from his vast knowledge and decades of experience, Smith presents a comprehensive training program that emphasizes communication, consistency, and positive reinforcement. With detailed instructions and practical advice, this book serves as a trusted companion for anyone seeking to develop a well-rounded and reliable gun dog, making it an essential resource in the field of bird dog training.


"Pointing Dog's: Their Training and Handling" is a must-read for bird dog enthusiasts, written by accomplished trainer Earl C. Crangle. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, Crangle shares his proven methods and insights on training and handling pointing dogs with precision and effectiveness. This comprehensive guide covers all aspects of bird dog training, from puppy development to advanced skills, making it an invaluable resource for both novice and experienced trainers in the field.

From the Pod


"Cries of the Savannah" by Sue Tidwell is a captivating novel that takes readers on a captivating journey through the African savannah. Set against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes and rich wildlife, the book follows the story of a courageous conservationist who strives to protect endangered species from ruthless poachers. Tidwell's vivid descriptions and compelling narrative shed light on the harsh realities of wildlife conservation, while also exploring themes of love, loss, and the enduring power of the human spirit.


"Pointing Dogs Vol. II" by Craig Koshyk is an authoritative and comprehensive book that delves into the world of pointing dogs and their training. Building upon the foundation set in the first volume, this sequel explores in-depth the history, breeds, and training techniques specific to pointing dogs. Koshyk's meticulous research, personal experiences, and stunning photography make this book an invaluable resource for pointing dog enthusiasts, providing a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to help readers understand and train these remarkable hunting companions.


"Across the Prairie: A Collection of Field Trial Articles, Interviews, and Original Stories" by Robert Franks is a captivating anthology that brings together a diverse range of writings centered around the world of field trials. From insightful articles on training techniques and handling tips to engaging interviews with renowned trainers, this book offers a comprehensive exploration of the field trial culture. Franks's collection also features original stories that weave together the excitement, challenges, and camaraderie found in the competitive world of field trials, making it a must-read for enthusiasts and participants alike.

Creative Resources


"As We See It: Artists Redefining Black Identity" by Aida Amoako is a thought-provoking and empowering book that explores the multifaceted nature of Black identity through the lens of contemporary artists. Through interviews, essays, and vibrant artwork, Amoako delves into the experiences, perspectives, and creative expressions of a diverse group of Black artists. This book challenges stereotypes, celebrates diversity, and offers a platform for artists to reclaim and redefine their own narratives, making it an important contribution to the discourse on race, identity, and representation in the art world.


"Joseph Stella: Visionary Nature," edited by Stephanie Mayer Heydt and Audrey Lewis, is a comprehensive and illuminating book that examines the life and artistic career of Joseph Stella. Through insightful essays and a rich collection of Stella's artworks, the book explores the artist's unique vision and his fascination with nature. From his early Italian landscapes to his iconic depictions of the Brooklyn Bridge and the natural world, "Visionary Nature" offers a deep dive into Stella's artistic evolution and his contributions to modern art.

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